A Word from the National Initiative on Recent Events

The National Initiative would like to take this moment to offer a word of support to all of our law enforcement and community partners.

We at the National Initiative want to take a moment to express our deep sorrow at the tragic events of the past weeks. The concentration of these deaths and injuries of police and civilians has been especially wrenching for our staff, our colleagues, and our law enforcement and community partners.

Our nation again finds itself shaken by violence and faced with the unresolved division and trauma that too often define relationships between police and the public – particularly communities of color.

The National Initiative was launched nearly two years ago to address this division. In this painful moment, we are reminded of the necessity of the work we are doing together to enhance procedural justice, reduce implicit bias, and foster processes of police-community reconciliation.

We remain steadfast in our commitment to these practices and believe they hold real promise for creating safer communities, reducing the worst tensions between us, and ensuring protection and fair treatment for everyone. Our experience in each of our six pilot cities has shown that real progress is possible and that we have more common ground than many realize.

We thank all of our partners and supporters in Birmingham, Fort Worth, Gary, Minneapolis, Pittsburgh, and Stockton and commend the work they are doing toward a better, safer future. Our hope is that this work offers strength and purpose during these difficult times.


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