The National Initiative is guided by a board of advisors and a group of working partners that includes national leaders from law enforcement, academia and faith-based groups, as well as community stakeholders and civil rights advocates.

National Advisory Board

Chief Art Acevedo
Houston Police Department

Jim Bueerman
Police Foundation

Connie Rice
The Advancement Project

Bernard Melekian
Paratus Group

Marc Morial
National Urban League

Bruce Western
Harvard University

Dan Isom
University of Missouri, St. Louis

Danielle Sered
Vera Institute of Justice

Jennifer Eberhardt
Stanford University

Glenn Loury
Brown University

Bryan Stevenson
Equal Justice Initiative

Dean Esserman
Yale Law School

Perry Tarrant
National Organization of Black Law Enforcement (NOBLE)

Ezekiel Edwards
American Civil Liberties Union, Criminal Law Reform Project 

Chief Scott Thomson
Camden County Police Department 

Research Working Group

David Bayley
SUNY Albany

Jeffrey Fagan
Columbia Law School

Jack Glaser
University of California at Berkeley

Mike Hough
Institute for Criminal Policy Research

Jon Jackson
London School of Economics


Steve Mastrofski
George Mason University

David Weisburd
George Mason University


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